Computer Gk Related Daily 10 Question 2022 | Set 1

HP GK in Hindi 77

Computer Gk Related Daily 10 Question 2022 | Set 1

Q1. What is the Default size of Text in <h1> HTML element?

<h1> HTML तत्व में टेक्स्ट का डिफ़ॉल्ट आकार क्या है?

Answer – 2em

Q2. What is the Full Form CSS?

. CSS का फुल फॉर्म क्या है?

Answer – Cascading Style Sheets 

Q3. How will you Select the outline color of a shape in Mircosoft Paint ?

Answer – By Holding the shift key while selecting the color from the palette 

Q 4. which utility in Windows OS is used to create Dist Partitioning, Resize partitions and format partitions on storage Drives ?

Answer – Disk part

Q 5. Which tool bar in Ms – Word 2013 By Default contains three Commands Save Undo and Redo ?

Answer – Quick Access

Q 6. what is the shortcut key to Redo the Undone Changeing in Ms- Word ?

Answer – Ctrl + y 

Q 7. Pressing —– Removes character – level Formating From the Selected text in MS- WORD Document ?

Answer – Ctrl+Space

Q 8 . APA, Chicago and MLA are Standard ?

Answer – Document Formats 

Q 9. Which tab in MS WORD provides option for table of contents , footnotes and citations ?

Answer – References 

Q 10. What is the short cut key to show ” Replace” dialog in MS WORD ?

Answer – CTRL + H


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